Frequently Asked Questions

2. Will you transfer data from an account to another account of mine?

No, we are not able to transfer any data between accounts. This includes transferring your town to someone else should you be banned.

3. How do I apply for moderator?

Apply here.

4. How do I switch between chat channels?

/global -for global chat
/tc -for town chat
/nc -for nation chat
/pc -for party chat
/spanish -for Spanish chat
/french -for French chat
/chinese -for Chinese chat
/russian -for Russian chat
/turkish -for Turkish chat

5. I voted but I did not get my gold. Can I get a refund?

No, the issue is on the side of the voting sites and nothing we can change.

7. My town got deleted, why?

Players are deleted from towns after 42 days of inactivity.

8. What are the server's mcMMO settings?

Some of mcMMO abilities and skills are disabled to maintain game balance.

Disabled skills are:

1. Unarmed (PVP)
2. Axes (PVP)
3. Swords (PVP)
4. Salvage (Gold)

Disabled abilities are:

1. Second Smelt (Gold Ore)
2. Tree Feller
3. Blast Mining
4. Double Drops (Gold & Diamond Ore)