Japan on EarthMC has a long history of Civil Wars with the entire history almost fully made up of long drawn out Civil Wars with only small parts of a truly united Japan. The nation of Japan has had a Golden Era recently which has seen the nation turn into a truly global superpower, gaining reputation for huge builds, having a massive population and recently gaining colonies abroad. However with Synargle once again leaving EarthMC, the prospect for a Fourth Japanese Civil War is upon us. How did we get here?

When the Third Japanese Civil War ended, thanks to Synargle returning and uniting the clans of Japan, things were looking up for Japan. Unity was at an all time high in the nation with everybody from the former clans moving on from the bloody civil war and working together for the nation. With Synargle as Emperor, Japan began expanding its Democracy and starting having monthly elections for the Prime Minister. Quickly after Unifying Japan began building mega projects in the nation such as rebuilding the famous Shinkansen ice lines which is one of the largest ice rails in the world. Japan began paving new roads, building new monuments and most of all began increasing its population.

Shinkansen Ice Rail in April 2020 (not up to date)

The Japanese population hit over 240 citizens during April 2020 becoming the 2nd highest population on the server, with this came Japanese towns being able to claim up most of the Island, which was one of the goals of the nation. Japan has a long history of building rather than fighting pvp. While there are some notable Japanese pvpers such as Ozen1, Arkas and many others, Japan for the most part is a nation of builders. But, with training Japan began recruiting more fighters for the nation which would help defend the nation against constant Xia Chinese attacks.

At the height of the recent Golden Era for the united Japan it began also expanding overseas in terms of gaining Colonies abroad with nations such as Vietnam and Borneo joining the Empire. Sadly though, Japan has always had internal splits within its community. I would personally say that the groups were easy to identify by the former Shimazu clan, former Ashikaga clan, the Kawada loyalists and other minor sections. As much as almost everybody tried to break these groups up, it turned out to be impossible. Emperor Synargle became very inactive and KawadaJP was made Prince which was de-facto leader while he was away.

A Sumo Tournament Event in Tokyo

The Internal hatred between some like Qorrin and Sairene is what I believe is what caused the recent split of Japan. Their long history and distrust of each other is probably what forced Qorrin into making his nation, the Shimazu clan. There were also many rifts between KawadaJP and Yllalen who have often fought in the Community Discord.

The Shimazu clan was made on the 10th of June 2020 with Qorrin leading it which caused massive anger in the rest of Japan. Japan at the time was still in its Golden Era and the majority of the nation was very unified. At the time, the Emperor Synargle was still busy with real life commitments so the nation had to rely on the Prince and Prime Minister. After a few weeks KawadaJP the Prince left EMC while travelling abroad home and stated he would not return and when Synargle eventually left Sairene was given Empress of Japan.

When KawadaJP returned 2-3 weeks later, he wanted his role of leader back. He asked Sairene to share the power which she refused so for a few days he was choosing in his head whether or not to make his own nation. Around this time Important players in Japan including Sairene, QqL, Fen and Fjolnir were all banned from EMC. Another huge loss for Japan was the "TrapGang"  leaving which was built up of active and historic players such as IJustGotKarma, Sans, Fjolnir and Dane who moved to Lichtenstein.

Imperial Japan was made on the 27th of June 2020 with KawadaJP being its leader. Imperial Japan quickly began taking towns from Japan and fastly became a decently sized nation. As the saying goes knock down one domino and the rest will fall. The third Domino to fall was Okuyama which was first led by Viinexx until leadership was suspiciously given to Yllalen who is famous in Japan for wanting his old nation back. Just after this came Ryuzoji led by UnreadiSpaghetti which recently became a Sri Lankan colony.

Japan now has 6 Nations in the main islands, which was more than the Third Japanese Civil War had. Imperial Japan has since grown rapidly, overtaking Japan in terms of Citizen numbers and it doesn’t seem to be slowing. Outside of Japan there is much talk of another Civil War starting, however inside Japan it's rather different. Currently Japan and Imperial Japan have good relations and recently signed a United Front against Russian Aggression against Japanese players. For all the talk of a Civil War in Japan again it certainly doesn't feel like it. But EarthMC is a rollercoaster. Moods and minds change daily so who knows what will happen in the weeks ahead.

*Imperial Japan was renamed to Date or Date clan.