Welcome the first EarthMC beta in quite some time! The beta will run on a separate server for up to a few months before we introduce the features to the main server. Features listed below might not make it in to the main server if we find unfixable issues or if it for some other reason doesn't work out. With that said I'm really excited to try out everything we've been working on. You might be familiar with the map, Westeros! Visit https://earthmc.net/map/beta/ for the live map you're already comfortable with. Creating a town costs 64 gold. Creating a nation costs 1000 gold.

QuickShop - The new sign shops replacement

The old sign shop system is getting replaced. It was a tough call to let it go but since we introduced it, many more intuitive shop options are now available. We anticipate that it will be patched much quicker than sign shops since Quickshop is a public plugin with several active developers. I have full sympathy for the inconvenience caused to the community when the shop system is offline, hopefully those days are behind us.

Quickshop also offers much better user experience. Click a chest to buy or sell. Creating a shop is finally easy. Left click a chest with the item you want to sell. Enter amount is chat you want to sell the item for. Add stock to the chest. Done. Chest shops must be placed in a towny shop plot.

You can also change owner of a shop with /qs setowner or even better, add staff to your shop with /qs staff. Staff can help you manage your shop, open your chest, set price and toggle selling/buying. Your staff can't remove your shop or get money from your shop trades.

War mode (beta)

Oh boy. The infamous feature request mentioned in chat every time I join since the server was created. EarthMC has a long history of war modes for towny even if it was a long time since last. Every single one has failed so it's with some skepticism and fear I'm introducing this game mode.  I don't want to get everyone's hope up in case it doesn't make it out of the beta. You have been warned. I'm pretty excited though, I really want this to work.

Wars on EarthMC will not damage structures. It would force the community to build soulless faction-like bases. I don't think anyone would like to see huge water cube bases on EarthMC. Instead, wars will revolve around PvP. If you don't want to be involved in wars you can toggle town to peaceful. Wars are started by placing a banner near enemy town which initiates the siege. You score by killing town members. You defend your own town by killing attackers. Be the side with the best score when the siege victory timer hits zero to capture town. The attacker requires positive points to win. The defender requires negative points to win. Wars can span over several days. Time zones and queue wait times will not affect the war.


  • Sieges are between nations, who attack, and towns, who defend.
  • Winning nation will also get enemy towns added to their nation if they are within nation range. Towns will be able to revolt (/n leave) 7 days after war is over.
  • A nation can start a siege against a town at any time but new towns are immune for 7 irl days, as are recently besieged towns.
  • All buildings remain undamaged .because town build/destroy perms and town leadership structures are completely unaffected.
  • All items in chests remain unstolen because town switch/use perms are completely unaffected.
  • Towns can be captured allowing nations/empires to to built by force
  • Military ranked players keep inventory if killed during a siege (encouraging pvp)
  • Military ranked nation players of captain rank and above gain a 'leadership aura' (modifying points gains/losses when nearby soldiers die)
  • Spawn camping is prevented because newly-spawned players are temporarily immune to both receiving and giving damage.
  • Casual & cross-timezone players can contribute to most wars because sieges are of moderate duration, typically 3 days
  • Peaceful towns can opt out of war by toggling 'peaceful', a town can still be sieged/captured, but becomes immune to forced-pvp and monetary siege costs. Residents can no longer inflict PVP damage or get nation-military ranks.
  • Go Tactically Invisible - As a player, equip a specific (configurable) combination of items in your hands to disappear from the dynmap. Combos: Shield+Diamond sword, Shield+Bow, Compass+Diamond Sword, Compass + Bow


  • Attack town - As a king or general, place a coloured banner in the wilderness close to a town. This action will initiate a new siege on the town. (If economy is enabled, money will be deposited into a 'war-chest', which will be automatically recovered by the siege winner.) While under siege, the town cannot recruit new residents or claim new land.
  • Gain Siege Points: Kill Enemy - As an attacker or defender, kill enemy players of military rank (guard/sheriff/mayor, soldier/general/king), within a large radius of the siege banner. The points are gained regardless of how the player was killed. Thus players can contribute regardless of town/nation, as well as traps/devices.
  • Gain Siege Points: Gain Banner Control - As an military-ranked attacked or defender, gain banner control for your side, by remaining alive and close to the the siege banner for 10 minutes (configurable). Once your side has banner control, siege points will be awarded automatically every 20 seconds (configurable) for every player on the banner control list. Banner is control is lost once all player on the list log off.
  • Win Siege - Be the side with the best score when the siege-victory-timer hits zero. The attacker requires positive points to win. The defender requires negative points to win.
  • Abandon attack - As a king or general, place an all-white banner near the siege-attack-banner.
  • Surrender town - As a mayor, place an all-white banner anywhere in the town.
  • Capture town - As a king or general, after the siege is won, place a coloured banner in the wilderness close to the town. This action will forcibly add the town to the nation, and will put the town into an 'occupied' state, in which its residents cannot affect siege points. An occupied town must keep enough money in the bank to pay taxes to the occupying nation, or it will fall.


  • View Town Siege Information - View detailed information on any siege affecting the town, using '/t'
  • View Nation Siege Information - View a list of any sieges the nation is involved in, using '/n'
  • Toggle Town Peacefulness - As a mayor, declare your town to be peaceful using '/t toggle peaceful'. The town can still be sieged/captured, but is immune to material siege costs (pillage/plunder/occupier-taxes). Residents cannot inflict PVP damage or gain nation-military ranks.
  • Revolt - As a mayor, when a certain duration has passed after an invasion, typically many days, the town can revolt and be free of the occupying nation. This is done using "/n leave".

Seems complicated? Don't worry, if you don't care about wars your town will be unaffected if you set it to peaceful. Keep building as you always did.

This system is new and untested by us which means many changes/bug/glitches might surface as we continue to play the beta. The purpose of the beta is to evaluate if this war feature is something that would work on our server. We will also do a lot of work trying to balance wars and iron out ways to abuse the system. Your feedback is valuable.

Trade system - Scammers be gone!

Trading 1 gold for 1 diamond sword, nice deal!

Trade safely with a nearby player using /trade. Once you are happy with the trade, click the agree button and wait for the other party to do the same. The trade is completed! Scammers be gone. If you or the other party changes the trade deal both sides will automatically unready to prevent players from quickly removing their trade then clicking ready. It also has a system in place to cancel a trade if the inventory is full.

How to join the beta

The beta server will be available for all players with the premium rank (and legacy donator ranks), join using the command /beta. We hope to bring all of the listed features to the main server where everyone will be able to enjoy them in the next few months so if you don't have a rank you might as well wait it out. If you don't want to wait you can purchase Premium at store.earthmc.net.

EarthMC News, excuse me?

EarthMC News will be a platform for well regarded authors in the community to more efficiently publish their content. EarthMC has a long history of news organizations reporting on the latest and greatest the server has to offer. I have always been amazed by the dedication players have put down in to the articles they write. Everything from town/nation reviews, server history or sometimes much deserved feedback to administrators.

One issue I've found though is that there is no good way to publish these articles. The gems players spend hours writing is often hidden in google documents accessible through a discord channel few players see. This platform will allow players to read up on server news from many different publishers as well as official server announcements in one place.

We are currently working on a plugin integration which will broadcast articles in server chat once they've been posted. This will ensure content is seen and excellent outreach for content creators.

If you are currently writing EarthMC news or would like to start, DM me on discord Fix#0001. We'd love to have your work published here.

Factions closing down

We don't know how to run a factions server and it's unfair to the players leaving something so unpolished up and running. It was created to accommodate last year's player surge. The factions plugin is now also abandoned and has a bunch of issues and exploits we're not able to fix. It's possible that the server will reopen in the future with another team running it. Thank you for playing the server.

A last note

This is a beta, expect everything to break. I hope you like the updates. Credits to Goosius developing the new war system and to Ghost_chu for maintaining QuickShop. See you online.