While EarthMC is officially known as being a geopolitical sandbox the ideologies that have occupied the server can often go unremembered and be forgotten.

Buy and large the default leadership on EarthMC has been that of an Absolute Monarchy. Back on EarthMC Classic many nations simply stuck with this “default” leadership structure without question, such as Germany, Russia and Britain.

Since the release of Terra Nova almost two years ago nations across the world have begun to experiment with alternative government structures. One of the more successful examples of a democracy on EarthMC has been the nation of Wabanaki in North America. To date Wabanaki has been one of the few functional fully fledged democtatic republic to reach the top spot on the /n list.

Many other nations have attempted to follow in the democratic footsteps of Wabanaki with the well known Cascadia being one of these examples. Cascadia would get to be around second or third on the /n list and Scotland briefly topping the charts.

Attempts to establish democratic nations aren’t all that common, perhaps in part because of some of the better known democratic failures. Vote rigging accusations - voting integrity have proven a substantial challenge for democracies across the server, with nations such as United Australia collapsing due to issues in the vote process.

Constitutional monarchies have proven quite popular however, with many seeing them as a more effective balance between having a democracy and an absolute monarchy. The results speak for themselves. Five out of the ten nations currently on /n list 1 are Constitutional Monarchies of some kind.

Many of these Constitutional Monarchies are based off of Britain, a solid example of a Constitutional Monarchy ingame. Britain has a set permanent leader, King MineHero with bi-monthly elections for Prime Minister.

For many nations this is the superior compromise of power between Towny King and residents. For the most part all of these nations mentioned have shared a common default economic system - capitalism.

Many nation leaders use taxation and production from citizens to make a profit for themselves and fail to acknowledge the efforts of citizens.

Many EarthMC socialists argue that this is heavily flawed. While most of the community often focuses on international trade and enriching themselves only a few nations have attempted to regulate a closed economy.

Is it really possible to achieve a communist state in EarthMC? And if you can, is it beneficial or just roleplay? The founder of one of the most successful communist nations - the USSR thinks that the style certainly does have its benefits in Minecraft.

A key communist feature, the citizens having control over the economy is, as explained by Silent Dirt, replicatable on EarthMC. “In order to make the USSR communist we first implemented an authoritarian system. We introduced taxation and all land was given to the state.”. This land was used to produce goods for resale via the national store.

The USSR used a unique strategy to keep its citizens active. “[We have] different unions that work in different areas of production.. The miners, farmers, and workers union,” Silent explained. A byproduct of having these jobs is player activity. By providing citizens with things to do they’re more likely to continue playing EarthMC.

While socialism in EarthMC politics is rather obsolete some socialist nations have started to align themselves under similar alliances. Democratic and Authoritarian versions of this economic system have sprung up. The number of communist states is on the rise as socialist alliances begin to export their ideas around the 1:1,000 scale map of EarthMC.

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(From TBI - Written By LordHasbrown)