Although we don’t have a disease plugin added to the server…yet? Disease can be said to have directly affected the server due to real life circumstances. Reasons for this could be ranging from people moving from home situations such as moving back home from college, parents being separated or unfortunately being infected with the coronavirus. You as a player may even know people in real life that have contracted the coronavirus with even some EarthMC testing positive for the virus or have had consistent symptoms for two weeks but were never officially tested.

Based on recent statistics about what people have been doing during the coronavirus pandemic in their free time, many more people have spent their time playing video games as well as spending more time playing such games. Due to this should we expect to see an increase in players on EarthMC?

This is not the case when looking at the statistics that are shown on, since December of 2019 there has been a general downward trend in terms of total number of players connecting to the server. The reason for this could be just general boredom/fatigue as more area is claimed up and the Terra Nova map approaches its 2nd birthday in November of this year. Another reason could be that a big part of game play, the economy, has largely become stagnant as many players who played to become rich have had little incentive to play as chest shops had been removed due to a duplication glitch back in February of this year. This has only begun to be remedied as of writing this article with recent announcements regarding trading and the systems being tested on the Beta Server.

However, in late March of this year and since, when most countries across the globe have been implementing national lock downs or stay at home orders to some extent the max players online continued to decrease, this time sharper than before.

Another contributing factor as to why people aren’t playing EarthMC as much as before, is that hugely successful games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons were released in late March with Nintendo Switches being sold out in most countries as well as Call of Duty: War zone becoming very popular. This could be because of people having more time being able to do what they want, players who may have only had limited time and chose to play EarthMC exclusively may have tried playing other games and began to lose interest in or devote less time to playing EarthMC.

This could be a cause for concern, though in the past when at similar levels of online players there have been boosts in server popularity shortly after, increasing the player count. Staff do seem to have acknowledged the situation and have been making an effort to improve the appeal of the server with things such as the launch of the EarthMC Beta server where a new trade and war plugin are being tested. If these new features and others prove successful they could make their way to EarthMC in the coming months.

Such features could very well attract old and new players alike with new aspects to the server where people can return to being traders and find themselves less likely to be scammed as well as give players the opportunity to declare war on other nations, adding another much requested political layer to Fix’s geopolitical sandbox.

While current numbers are on the decline, with the implementation of new long-requested features that some players would regard as “essential” we could see an increase in players and a revitalization of interest.

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(From TBI - By: Spiffles)