For many hours people anticipated the fall of the Chinese city of Hu Zhou. Many players camped there from around the world, hoping to get a share of the loot. Hu_Zhou had a large amount of loot to offer, in fact some estimates include over 3K gold (used as decoration) and 71 double chests.

Some players waiting at Hu Zhou were there for many hours, fighting each other in scattered PvP chunks. When the fall eventually had come, many American and European players were asleep, while Asian players were awake. Notably, players from Britain had been camping in the area for an extended period of time and a group of players from the Tri-State Area (A union in the American Northeast) were also there.

When the town collapsed, a new town instantly sprang up there called Huzhou, which contained the main features of the golden decorations. This town was propped up by 42symbols, a member of the Tri-State area. As players from Asia and Britain looted the town and fought each other, the Tri State was able to safely secure over 800 gold in a no PvP zone where only they had permissions to harvest the gold. According to 42symbols (who is able to understand Chinese), this enraged many players, who started calling the players racial slurs in Mandarin.

All in all, while other players were able to decide loot from Hu Zhou between themselves, the Tri-State was able to secure a large majority of the loot (possibly more than any other single entity). Although the strategy of founding new towns to get loot from fallen towns isn’t new, it is probably that the events at Hu Zhou will popularize this method.

[Sources: Bigred, MineHero, 42Symbols, Tri-State Area Discord]