As many players may recall, the Northeast was once one of the most active regions on EarthMC. This activity however did not last forever and the region would slowly fall quiet. This decreased level of activity would continue for many months with 100 player towns shrinking to contain but a handful of players.

Although, partly due to COVID-19 quarantines and for some an increase in free time, this period of dormancy is hopefully coming to a close. This was first apparent when the reformation of the Tri-State Area occurred.

The Tri-State Area originally was a union between Newark and New York City that would allow for building projects between the two. These joint build projects encouraged builder activity and in part led to the construction of the Twin Towers.

This new Tri-State Area includes New York, Newark, The Empire State and Vermont.

The current hot project in the Tri-State Area is a proposed shopping center that would serve the union. This building would be known as the Rockefeller Center. The center would be located on the border between Newark, New York and Formidable (Empire State). Construction on this new project has begun and is set to continue at pace.

During the aforementioned period of inactivity Newark was hit hard. While other towns in the area maintained some semblance of activity Newark found itself all but completely dead. There were no new build projects, no new government decisions. The town would see an activity revival however upon the formation of this new Tri-State Area.

A plan was implemented in Newark to recruit new residents. Apartments would be distributed to new players for free and these residents would then have the opportunity to be moved to a private plot if they prove themselves to be active. To execute this plan a new apartment building has been constructed that can house 14 residents in addition to the preexisting apartments. This brings Newark’s total apartment capacity up to 30. Furthermore 10 “luxury” private plots have been completed for active residents. Three other privately owned buildings have been completed. The construction of these facilities in such a short span of time was only possible with the increased activity Newark has been experiencing thanks to old residents returning to contribute. Newark now has the recruitment infrastructure in place, it just has to recruit.

While the re-creation of the Tri-State Area has encouraged further activity in the region other nations are doing perfectly fine without communal unification. The town of Boston, America is a prime example of this.

Boston was able to remain relatively active during the previously quiet period. This has meant that through that time Boston has built many buildings, it has allowed Boston to be one step ahead, while the Tri-State is encouraging activity in some previously struggling member towns Boston never skipped a beat.

Tensions have been on the rise between New York and Boston however, with Boston’s desire to halt New York’s expansion relations between the two towns have not been cordial.

Tensions have been on the rise between New York and Boston; with the recent downfall in relations between the 2 towns the future remains unclear. The Northeastern parts of North America on EarthMC have always been an uncertain area, but with this turn of events the future of the region is unclear as to whether or not they will work together or bring each other down.

Sources: Bigred, Bidav Newark Discord, Tri-State Discord, Coblobster

(From TBI - Written by: Bigred)