Shops are finally back to EarthMC. We have tried them out in beta for a while and they seem to work as intended. With that said, plugins behave differently with a large player base so it is possible that new issues arise when we run it in production.

I find the new shop system much easier to use. Let's say you want to sell 8 golden carrots for 3 gold. Left click a chest with 8 golden carrots in your hand. Enter the price in chat you want to sell 8 golden carrots for, I chose 3.

Shop is created. Notice the 0 at the second line? That indicates that stock is empty so make sure you fill up the chest with golden carrots.

Players can now left click the shop to start buying your carrots.

Shop owner can right click the chest to change settings. If you for example want to buy golden carrots or change price you can change that here.

Shop owners are notified when stock is empty.

Two shops connected to the same chest. Buy cheap, sell expensive. Stonks.

Villager trades will be disabled for a few weeks so the market doesn't get saturated with incredibly cheap end-game items.

Premium extra

Players with Premium can also hire staff for their shop. Staff can help you manage your shop, open your chest, set price and toggle selling/buying. Your staff can't remove your shop or get money from your shop trades.

Manage staff with /qs staff add