Around one week ago players were asked whether or not they thought the server should reset in 2020. Those that wanted the reset were asked why they wanted it and what they would like to see change in the reset. Those that didn’t want the reset were asked why it was that they didn’t want a reset. Both groups of people, resetters and non-resetters alike were then asked what they think of the “other” side.

To get right to the numbers that most people care about. 62.9% (158) of the 251 respondents were for a reset this year while 37.1% (93) of respondents were against the idea.

Forms response chart. Question title: Do you think the server should reset this year? . Number of responses: 251 responses.

The data was then broken down further. Players that wanted a reset were asked what they would like to see change in a reset.

Their responses were worded and categorised into the following categories: War Plugin (players that wanted a war plugin of some sort), Shop Signs/Economy (players that want to see shop signs come back and those that wanted economic improvements), Removal of Allied /N Spawn (this one is in the title), Improved Map (for players that didn’t necessarily say they wanted a bigger map - ie more detail, natural trees etc), Less Vote Gold (players that responded saying they want smaller gold rewards from votes), More Player Slots (increasing the maximum amount of players that can be online at a certain time), Bigger Map, Optimisation (this was the most broad category, from sorting out lag to optimising plugins), Nether Towns (players that want the ability to establish towns in the nether), No Teleports (players that want teleports to be removed altogether, Increased Establishment Costs (players that want higher prices for nations and or towns), Upkeep (players that want towny upkeep), Increased Mobs (players that want to see a wider variety of mobs spawn more frequently), Resource World (players that want a separate world for gathering resources), Allied Town TP (players that want to be able to teleport to allied towns), 1.16 (players that would like to see the 1.16 update implemented), More Plugins (players that would like to see more/different plugins added to EMC), 1.8 pvp (players that want to see 1.8 pvp implemented), Remove Nation Range (removing the maximum nation claim range) and finally the Smaller Map category (players that want a smaller map).

118 of the 158 players that wanted a reset answered this question.

As a pie chart this does look quite messy:

Based on these responses an ever elusive war plugin is still at the top of many player’s lists, however there is no one “unifying feature” that everyone is getting behind and saying that they want. It is also worth acknowledging that some of these changes could be brought about on our current Minecraft server without the need of a reset.

This question does bring up an important point of debate however. Is there a point in resetting if it’s not used as an opportunity to make improvements?

Players were also asked what it was that they thought of those who supported the “other side” of the argument. As there were so many responses 10 were chosen at random from both those for and against a reset this year.

Quotes from those for the reset:

“I mean it's pretty reasonable since most people are mayors of towns they worked hard creating”.
“They’re entitled to their opinion, and are allowed to have that opinion, I quite like some of the anti reset people, but there are also a lot of anti reset people that I view as kinda selfish.”
“Get over your dirt huts”.
“I understand them, because they don't like to lose all their progress, as for me reset - is new challenge for me”.
“Suck my nuts c*nts”.
“There's been tons of effort put into building in EMC and I can understand that  they don't want the reset therefore. But you will never be done with building, it's an endless journey and it's the journey that makes it fun.”
“they have a valid point, they built stuff on tn and don't wanna see it all go to waste.”
“They're too comfortable with the status quo.”
“I feel like they are unenlightened.”
“they are entitled to their opinion but their opinion is dumb”

Quotes from those against the reset:

“I think they don't think of other people who don't want a reset.”
“They just have come across failures, and instead of fixing their problems, they'd rather start from a clean slate, but I get why they want that.”
“I think they got to the party late and aren’t happy with their current location, or they dislike the current state of mining, or they’re just trying to start drama.”
“Nothing negative, I just feel like most of the people are either town hoppers who put no work in and just want a reset because they are bored or people who have a town in the UK/Europe who have no room to expand. Not thinking about the other players on the server who put a lot of work in and do have room to expand. A reset will just lead us down the exact same path and in a years time players will want another one.”
“I feel like it's mostly just like a meme”
“They are pretty stupid, considering the fact that they complain about lag AND want more new players AND a new map AND more working plugins. It's just not feasible.”
“The desires of a few veteran players do not merit the loss of millions of player hours."
“Its a point of view, they can think what they want, but I don't agree them”
“They're just a vocal minority
“dense oldf*g boomers that just want prestige and are immature af to realize it's just a block game server”

As far as the official word goes a reset is not around the corner. For now, players can rest easy or wait impatiently. This survey has highlighted some of the things that players want most, providing potentially valuable feedback to EarthMC management and allowing players to make more informed statements as to what it is players want out of a reset and what some of their opinions may be.

Sources: Server Reset 2020? | TBI Survey, TBI Archives, EarthMC Discord.

(From TBI - By: Sharkfynn1012)