Around one week ago we opened a survey that asked two simple questions. “Do you read from any EarthMC News Organizations?” and “If you answered yes which news organization(s) do you read the most?”.

This data could prove helpful for news organisations that want to better understand how, and how many people read them. Whether or not they are the only source read by their audience, or if another news organisation fills in the gaps for their readers.

The data also indicates engagement, providing better insight for news organisations and letting them know if what they produce is actually being read.

This data was gathered through a Google Forms survey which was initially posted on the TBI Discord. The survey was also shared on the EarthMC Discord amongst others, however this does mean that the data is more likely to be biased slightly towards TBI.

Out of the 61 respondents 53 (86.9%) players said that they did indeed read news on EarthMC while 8 (13.1%) players said that they did not read any news on EarthMC.

The respondents were asked what news organizations they read from, here are the results:

Results for which news organizations players read from. 

EarthMC live was the most popular source, followed by The Blockbuster Insider, The New York Times, people that don't read, The Bourneo Times, The Winchester Post, Times New Roman, SVT, Faux News and then NORK.

The data was then grouped so that we could find out what the most common pairings were. More the how when it comes to reading news on EarthMC. While the above table proved that EarthMC Live is the most popular source this will provide a clearer picture as to how players read the news.

Based on this data people are more likely to just read EarthMC Live and than any other source. The Blockbuster Insider and EarthMC Live were the most popular to be read together while The Blockbuster Insider was the third most popular to read on it’s own. Times New Roman saw itself being the least popular, tying with several other combinations.

The gap between the top three and the rest of the data pack is fairly substantial, going from nine player selections to three selections.

What this survey has shown is that players will, based on the answers given stick to a select few news organizations.

Sources: TBI Archives, “Do you read EarthMC News? | TBI” survey.

(From TBI - Written by Sharkfynn1012)