Stock Exchanges on EarthMC have existed in different forms over time. The implementation of this complex real-world institution onto a Minecraft server deserves much attention, considering the effort and creativity of making it work on EMC. Implementing a stock pricing system, buy and sell orders, and even registering companies on Minecraft are interesting aspects to consider.

There have been many stock market systems on EarthMC, many of which aren’t known about. The earliest example we can look at is the Scottish Bank. The Scottish Bank was a national bank for the Celtic Union founded in mid-April 2019. The Scottish Bank’s Stock Market service would include a discord bot that would digitally record stock trades. However, the founder of the Scottish Bank abandoned this idea as he decided to focus on other banking aspects, and because the stock market bot would be too hard to implement.

Around the time of the Scottish Bank, Malagasy economist JoniAlt would become the father of modern EarthMC stocks. He developed a system for his shop in Madagascar, which handed out renamed paper resembling shares in the company. Each shareholder would receive small dividends every week depending on the profits that the store earned. This system would be adopted by multiple Malagasy shops, including the Kingsport Trade Company (KTC). As JoniAlt got rid of his original shop and the KTC rebranded to Sand Inc., the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was created by Bigred, headquartered in Newark. The NYSE (later renamed to EarthMC Stock Exchange, EMCSE) was the first stock market service on EMC to launch, having both publicly traded companies and interested investors. However, after a few weeks, EMCSE would freeze trading due to concerns over its stock pricing system.

After a few months of EMCSE becoming inactive, the CEO of Sand Inc., with the company’s system still running, decided to found his own stock exchange. Nova Stonk Exchange was unveiled to the public on November 16. However, this stock exchange too froze trading due to concerns over stock pricing. In January, EMCSE’s new board member, Shootcity, announced that EMCSE would be revived. At the time, Nova Stonk Exchange was still inactive, sparking the first competition in the industry of the stock market service. Nova Stonk Exchange negotiated with and became a subsidiary of EMCL due to fears of this competition. Nova Stonk Exchange unveiled a functioning discord bot in late January, that could perform digital stock trading, much like the Scottish Bank earlier. Nova Stonk Exchange also officially rebranded to NASDAQ Stock Exchange. With their competition’s new innovation, EMCSE slowly began to become inactive once again. On March 27, AncientAnanas founded the Spanish Stock Exchange (SSE) based on many aspects designed by NASDAQ and EMCSE, once again sparking a stock market competition. Tensions escalated when NASDAQ decided to ban AncientAnanas from their discord server, causing an argument to break out and an unresolved rivalry over the SSE’s practice of taking aspects from these stock exchanges. NASDAQ and EMCSE negotiated and decided to merge with EMCSE’s CEO joining NASDAQ’s board of directors.

In conclusion, many stock markets have developed over EarthMC. Starting with the Scottish Bank, JoniAlt’s shop, the KTC and Sand Inc., EMCSE, and finally the two modern exchanges of NASDAQ and the SSE.

Timeline of EMC Stock Markets