Terra Nova has been up for almost two years now, and some people are arguing that it's time for a reset. This has caused a large debate on EarthMC as to whether the server in its current form (Terra Nova) is due for a reset or not.

The Terra Nova map is substantial, being 6 times the size of the last classic map, with 397 nations as of writing this. Terra Nova is 1:1500 scale of the real earth meaning each block is equal to one real world kilometer.

MineHero43 & ApolloCV have spearheaded the recent reincarnation of the Pro Reset movement and have made a discord dedicated to a reset. Minehero43 made a reddit post dedicated to explaining why a reset is the right thing for EarthMC. Minehero43 has stated that he believes EarthMC currently exists in a limbo state and that there would be an influx of new players like in 2018 after the reset. MineHero also believes that this reset would fix our currently deflated economy.

In an Interview with The Blockbuster Insider MineHero43 when asked what their movement was about said “Our movement is to spread awareness that emc needs a reset to continue. While many players, even anti-resetters accept that a reset will happen, they don't think now is the time. We believe it is necessary to reset the server sooner than later.” ApolloCV, Co-Founder of the movement when asked about the drawbacks of a reset said:

“The benefits outweigh the negatives. Terra Nova will just become the new classic. Nobody complained when Classic got deleted.”

While ApolloCV & Minehero43 make good points, not everyone is convinced. There are downsides, mainly the destruction of history and culture, as said by  Player TheLawOfRence on MineHero43’s original post.

The Blockbuster Insider also got a chance to speak with a vocal member of the anti-reset community Coblobster, who opposed the classic reset as well as the Terra Nova reset. When asked why he opposed the Terra Nova reset, he had this to say:

”I don't see the server growing from a reset. I know lots of people join to explore the server or work on their favorite place. I also think there is a massive amount of future that can happen in this map. Earthmc is finally becoming more and more civilized, meaning towers and infrastructure. Now do not get me wrong, I do think there are a good amount of issues with the server. I just don't see how resetting will fix the problems.”

He was then asked what alternatives he feels there is to a reset, to which he said “I think they need to roll out some new features. I think something about transportation or trading would be cool. Maybe add the end, or add mars or the moon. I also think they should either get rid of nation spawn or add allied town spawn to lessen the amount of nations and to grow the infrastructure of the server” Some very clear and concise points made by Cobloster, but would all this be enough to change the current deadlock the server seems to be in?

As far as the server admin’s opinion it doesn’t seem as though a reset is officially on the horizon. Eagle has confirmed that there will be no reset “...in the near future...”.

KarlofDuty has also gone on record. When he was asked “What do you think the possibility of a reset is this year and do you think that all of this reset debate is harmful or helpful for the majority of players on the server?” he responded:

“We are not going to do a reset. And I think the reset movement is just like all the other weird movements like the anti-fuze or exclusion ones, it's just what people are talking about at the moment.”

These admin responses will no doubt allow those who don’t want a reset to sleep a little easier at night.

MineHero43 had this to say regarding Eagle’s comment:

“At least they acknowledge that a reset has to happen at some point which is a win considering many anti resetters believe emc can just go on for years upon years without any reset whatsoever”

A reset seems like it may still be a fair way away, though what do you think? Do you think there should be a server reset? To answer that question here is a Google Forms link to a survey: Server Reset 2020? | TBI.

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(From TBI - Written by Swagpattern, Sharkfynn1012)