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Several months ago activity in the American Northeast was sparse, with only a few towns having active citizens. Many searched for a way to revive the region. As a solution, the Tri-State area was recreated. The former Tri-State Area was successful in promoting activity in Newark and New York City, by allowing for joint build projects. The Tri-State’s original goal was to mimic its predecessor and regain activity in the Northeast. It grew to include the nations of New York, New Jersey, Empire State, DC, Kingston, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and even faraway nations such as Indiana and Alabama. As it grew its goals changed, but eventually its fate would be the same as most other American unions: collapse.

Many attribute the start of the fall of the Tri-State to Sri Lanka’s declaration of war on many Tri-State nations, except for New Jersey and Pennsylvania. New Jersey and Pennsylvania were not declared war on since they were close friends with some high-ranking members of Sri Lanka. On the other hand, the rest of the Tri-State was declared war on for conspiring against Rio Grande, where many Sri Lankans were from, and some Tri-State individuals scamming Rio Grande out of the nation of Alabama.

Internal arguments within the Tri-State grew, with nations advocating for Pennsylvania and New Jersey to join the war. As a result, New Jersey had a vote to determine what it should do next. The outcome would be in favor of remaining neutral by a landslide. Angry about New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s position, New York left the Tri-State Area. This caused Sri Lanka to revoke their war declaration on all Tri-State nations except New York. Sometime later, Alabama which was largely associated with New York, also left the Tri-State.

For the next days, many in the Tri-State spoke out that reform was necessary. Some, such as members from Kingston and Empire State, even questioned what the Tri-State really is if all member nations are not able to fully commit to a war. This period of uncertainty was exemplified by DC being kicked from the Tri-State for allegations of racism/toxicity in the nation from many other Tri-State members.

Rumors of Pennsylvania planning on leaving and general instability in the Tri-State prompted New Jersey to have an internal meeting to discuss the situation. In the meeting a verdict was reached: New Jersey wanted out. As a result of ineffective governing, general hate towards the nation, and the desire to maintain a democracy, New Jersey declared itself independent the following day. Pennsylvania also withdrew from the Tri-State when the New Jersey announcement was made. Directly after that, the Tri-State was declared as disbanded.

In the wake of the Tri-State Area, many member nations have been searching for new unions/organizations to participate in. After a failed plan to reunite Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Pennsylvania entered the Canadian Union. DC also joined the Canadian Union shortly after. Empire State, Kingston, New York, Indiana, and Vermont planned on creating their own union, which also failed. Currently, no public statement has been made about the fate of these nations. New Jersey has announced that it will be remaining independent for the foreseeable future, although a potential union was discussed with America/Boston in a government meeting.

Although the fate of the former Tri-State nations remains unclear, the Tri-State certainly impacted them greatly. With the creation of a border agreement for Tri-State members, the creation of the Rockefeller Center to serve as the Tri-States new economic area, and a burst of activity in many member nations, the effects of the Tri-State area seem to be longlasting ones.

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