About a year ago, the nation of New Jersey was created, declaring independence from the nation of New York. As a fledgling nation, New Jersey recognized the necessity of retail areas in the EarthMC and the prosperity they bring to the nations that have them. For these reasons, New Jersey decided to take on it’s a most ambitious project yet: the Oculus.

The Oculus “prototype” was originally designed by 42symbols, but was torn down for the final version of the complex that is there today. The current design was made by Bigred, OrangeJuiceMoose, 42symbols, and Lucas2011. After the design was made, construction began swiftly, with the exterior of the Oculus itself being made in a matter of weeks. Additionally, the bases of shops around the Oculus were built.

The project would face an unfortunate turn. With the removal of shop signs, the shops around the Oculus became impractical and unused. Furthermore, the subway lines that were intended to connect to the Oculus were never constructed. It seemed that the project would die altogether when New Jersey became inactive.

However, with the recreation of the Tri-State Area (now called the Northern Union) and New Jersey active again, work on the Oculus and the shops around it resumed. The first major step in the revival of the project was the construction of towers on top of the Oculus shops. These towers were made to beautify the urban area of the New Jersey nation spawn. The second major step was the connecting of the Gray Line to the Oculus. This railroad and ice boat line connects the Oculus to many other Northeastern American cities. Moreover, with the addition of chest shops, the Oculus shops now had a use. Many players bought shops, bringing income to fuel the rest of the project.

This would facilitate the completion of the Oculus shop towers, giving the project a new objective: the renovation of the Oculus’ interior. The interior of the Oculus at the time was just bare white concrete and needed fixing badly. This would come, with the addition of shop fronts in the Oculus, a suspended globe, gardens, and balconies. This was done while keeping an open-concept and entry and exit spaces for transit lines on the lower level. This, along with the completion of gardens between the skyscrapers atop the Oculus shops, were finished in a matter of days. The completion of these gardens marked the conclusion of building the entire complex, which has many retail spaces available for purchase. If the Oculus Complex will be successful or not is unclear, but hopes are high for New Jersey residents, as Rockefeller Center is being built right next to it. This is could create one “mega” shopping area.

Inside the Oculus
A view from a garden atop the Oculus Shops