Japan has recently emerged on the server as a new world power. The circumstances of this rise to prominence can be traced back to the “Second Reunification Period” earlier this year.

In early 2020 Japan stood divided. The nations of Shimazu, Shimazu North, Imperial Japan, Ashikaga, and Asano all spread out over what is geographically Japan.

Qing, the major power in East Asia at the time, had plans to make a puppet nation in Japan, a plan which none of the Japanese leaders agreed with. To combat Qing the Japanese nations agreed to form a confederation. This new confederation was and still is often unofficially referred to as the Japanese Confederation, however more officially was known as the Kamakura Alliance.

Qing responded by buying up multiple Japanese towns and later the nation of Asano which had been kicked out of this new Japanese confederation (Kamakura Alliance) due to disagreements but a few days earlier.

A few days later, after a player by the name of Baron_Sigma (Now known as Qorrin) quit the server the Kamakura Alliance and Qing agreed to make peace. The Kamakura Alliance would choose to unify under a new Emperor, the widely respected and well recognised Synargle. Japan was formed.

A new government that followed the structure of Reconstructive Accordoism where the Emperor would be the leader and Head of State while an elected Prime Minister would act as the Head of Government. The Prime Minister can as such create minister positions and appoint whoever they desire to these positions. The Emperor can also have a “Prince” that represents their successor.

Japan’s first election would see KawadaJP become Prime Minister. Kawada focussed on funding many towns to help claim and lock down the islands of geographical Japan. This would include the island of Sakhalin/Karafuto.

Come April Qorrin (Baron_Sigma) had returned and would be elected as the new Prime Minister. As of writing this article he is still in office. Qorrin has seen the ratification of their Japanese constitution and the addition of other new provinces.

In the Philippines there were many towns that wanted to rebel against their leader, Skylordvocaco. Japan saw this as an opportunity to make a new nation that would aid the rebellion. Spain however held substantial influence over the region and likewise had plans to aid the rebellion.

Spain and Japan would end up making an agreement that would divide the islands. Along with that Vietnam also joined Japan following negotiations by Qq1 who now leads Vietnam.

Overall it seems as though Japan has indeed started to fill in the gaps, and has set the stage to become one of the next East Asian Powers.

Sources: Synargle (Japanese Emperor), MrX (Past Qing Emperor) Japanese Wiki Page, Japanese Discord.

(From TBI - written by EchoOcelot)