The war developer Goosius has helped refine the system to a point where the admin team is happy with how it works. We will run a public beta on Friday the 1oth of July. Anyone regardless of rank will be able to join. Because we're getting closer to launch we want to fully test the new system and find potential flaws and unbalances. A larger player base will make this work faster.

We realize this is a major gameplay change for the community and not everyone feel comfortable with wars. All current nations will opt-in to wars when they are ready. Nations will be immune to wars if they have not opted in. It will not be possible for kings to switch back to immunity after it has been removed. This system makes the transition to wars smoother and respects current nations that built their nation with the presumptions that wars does not exist. Individual towns will always have the option to be peaceful. Peaceful towns are unaffected by wars but will be added to the winning nation. Wars will be enabled for everyone during the beta.

Please keep in mind that wars do not allow for town grief. The war system is shaped so that players don't have to change their builds or risk them getting destroyed. We do not want faction-like bases on EarthMC.

Wars are fought over several irl days. This ensures that everyone can participate regardless of timezones and queue wait times.

War System User Guide

  • Sieges are between nations - who attack, and towns - who defend
  • A nation can start a siege against a town at any time (but new towns are immune, as are recently besieged towns)
  • Towns cannot fall due to war costs (they can only go 'bankrupt', preserving the town completely but blocking expansion)
  • Town structures & stored items remain safe (because town perm protections are unaffected)
  • Towns can be plundered (transferring wealth from the defeated town bank to the victorious nation)
  • Towns can be captured (allowing nations/empires to to built by force)
  • Soldiers keep inventory if killed during a siege (giving all players a chance to stay involved in battles and practice combat skills, regardless of their wealth)
  • Soldiers can disappear from the dynmap at any time (unlocking the development and use of both basic & advanced military tactics)
  • Spawn camping is prevented (because newly-spawned players are temporarily immune to both receiving and giving damage)
  • Peaceful towns can opt out of war costs (by toggling 'peaceful', a town can still be sieged/captured, but becomes immune to forced-pvp, monetary siege costs, and taxes. Residents can no longer enter siege-zones or get nation-military ranks)
  • Casual & cross-timezone players can contribute to most wars (because the siege duration is 3 days)
  • Player battle fatigue is moderated (because fighting is organised into 1 hour 'battle sessions' for each player. After each session, the player gets an enforced 15 minute break from combat).


  • Go Tactically Invisible - Disappear from the dynmap by 'dual-yielding' the following items:  bow  OR  diamond-sword.
  • Attack town - As a king or general, place a colored banner in the wilderness close to a town. This action will initiate a new siege on the town. 0.1G/plot will be deposited into a 'war-chest', which will be automatically recovered by the siege winner. While under siege, the town has PVP forced-on, cannot recruit new residents, cannot claim new land, and only residents can spawn there.
  • Gain Siege Points: Banner Control - As a military-ranked attacked or defender, gain banner control for your side, by remaining alive and within 16 blocks of the siege-banner for 10 minutes (a glow effect will show you the remaining time). Once your side has banner control, 30 siege-points will be awarded automatically every minute for each player on the banner control list. Banner is control is lost once all player on the list log off.
  • Gain Siege Points: Kill Enemy - As an attacker or defender, kill enemy players of military rank, within 150 blocks of the siege-banner. Each kill gives a base 150 siege-points, regardless of how the player was killed.
  • Win Siege - Be the side with the best score when the siege-victory-timer hits zero. The attacker requires positive points to win. The defender requires negative points to win.
  • Plunder town - As an attacking king or general, after the siege is won, place a chest in the wilderness close to the town. This action will rob the town of 0.2G/plot, transferring it to the plundering nation.
  • Capture town - As an attacking king or general, after the siege is won, place a colored banner in the wilderness close to the town. This action will forcibly add the town to the nation, and will put the town into an 'occupied' state, in which its residents cannot affect siege points.
  • Abandon attack - As an attacking king or general, place an all-white banner in the wilderness close to the town.
  • Surrender town - As the defending mayor, place an all-white banner anywhere in the town.


  • View Town Siege Information - View detailed information on a siege affecting the town, using '/t'
  • View Nation Siege Information - View a list of sieges the nation is involved in, using '/n'
  • Assign Town Military Ranks - As a mayor, use the normal ranks system to assign:  guard, sheriff. Both can gain banner control in defense.
  • Assign Town Military Ranks - As a king, use the normal ranks system to assign:  guard, captain, general. All can gain banner control in attack. Captains/generals have a leadership aura which affects nearby kill points, and generals can execute siege attack/abandon/invade/plunder.
  • Revolt - As a mayor, when 10 days have passed after a siege defeat, revolt and be free of an occupying nation using '/n leave'.
  • Ruin Town - As a mayor, deny your town to an invader using '/t delete'. Your town will enter a ruined state for 3 days, after which full deletion occurs. In this state, all perm protections are disabled.
  • Reclaim Town - As a resident, if your town falls into ruin, then after 24 hrs. have passed, any resident can reclaim it and become mayor, using '/t reclaim'.
  • Receive Nation Refund - As a king, if your nation gets deleted for any reason, including capture of your last town, you will be refunded(80%) of the initial setup cost. This can be claimed using '/n refund'.
  • Toggle Town Peacefulness - As a mayor, declare your town to be peaceful using '/t toggle peaceful'. The status will be confirmed in 5 days. The town can still be sieged/captured, but is immune to forced-pvp and material siege costs (plunder & occupier-taxes). Residents are vulnerable to 'war-allergy' if they go near a siege, and cannot gain nation-military ranks.


  1. On EMC Beta, you are not entitled to power - As a king/queen, you are not granted any guarantee of that power. Your claim to rule over your current lands will be tested. You may lose power temporarily, but you can gain the respect of other players (and potential allies) by fighting honorably and not being toxic.
  2. Fortify towns - Walls are important. During sieges they help stop enemies from infiltrating towns and killing residents.
  3. Fortify or abandon outposts - Outposts are important. Towns can be besieged anywhere they have claimed territory.  Make provisions to defend valuable outposts, and abandon the rest.
  4. Assign combat ranks - Find residents who can be trusted to fight for your town or nation, and assign them military ranks.
  5. Make friends & allies - Diplomacy is critical.  As a mayor, diplomacy can be the difference between your town remaining independant, within a friendly nation, or occupied by an expansionistic empire. As a king, diplomacy can be the difference between your nation succeeding, and its annihilation.
  6. Do not remove guards while they are near sieges - As an under-siege mayor, if one of your guards (online or offline) is near the siege banner, ensure they do not get removed as a battle participant (e.g. deranked). If this happens, a siege-point penalty will be applied.
  7. Do not remove soldiers while they are near sieges - As an attacking/defending king, if one of your soldiers (online or offline) is near a siege banner, ensure they do not get removed as a battle participant (e.g. deranked). If this happens, a siege-point penalty will be applied.
  8. Make a plan B (Mayor) - As mayor, a siege defeat is rarely a cause for abandoning your town. Your town may lose some money to plunder or be temporarily occupied, but your buildings, items, and townspeople are the same, and still need your wise leadership to prosper.
  9. Make a plan B (King) - As king, defeat in battle might be only a temporary setback. If a town has fallen to the enemy, rally your soldiers and allies to defend your remaining towns. If your capital is about to fall, evacuate to a (new or existing) loyal town and declare it the capital (king will change). If your nation does fall, use the nation-cost-refund (80% by default) to build strength so that you can influence world affairs more successfully on your next attempt.