EarthMC News will be a platform for well regarded authors in the community to more efficiently publish their content. EarthMC has a long history of news organizations reporting on the latest and greatest the server has to offer. I have always been amazed by the dedication players have put down in to the articles they write. Everything from town/nation reviews, server history or sometimes much deserved feedback to administrators.

One issue I've found though is that there is no good way to publish these articles. The gems players spend hours writing is often hidden in google documents accessible through a discord channel few players see. This platform will allow players to read up on server news from many different publishers as well as official server announcements in one place.

We are currently working on a plugin integration which will broadcast articles in server chat once they've been posted. This will ensure content is seen and excellent outreach for content creators.

If you are currently writing EarthMC News or would like to start, DM me on discord Fix#0001. We'd love to have your work published here.