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The original✔️ Towny✔️ McMMO✔️ Player run economy✔️ Earth map✔️ Dynmap✔️ 2000+ towns✔️ Lag✔️
One of the craziest Minecraft servers I've ever been on.

Toycat, 1.6M subscribers

Drew durnil
I see the british has been working on their naval ships again, we should probably be careful of that.

Drew Durnil, 600k subscribers

Fit MC
EarthMC is a bunch of
turbo nerds.

FitMC, 1.4M subscribers

Fuze III
Le concept de ce serveur est juste exceptionnel.

Fuze III, 1.8M subscribers

I can't believe I'm in Canada,
in Minecraft!

Shark, 3.1M subscribers

picture of earthmc map

Experience the Minecraft earth map

EarthMC’s exclusive server map has been rendered using height and terrain data from NASA satellites. The high detail will allow you to visit your real life home and recognize the terrain. Since the map was launched, more than 300 000 players have interacted with it, leaving new players loads of history and artifacts to explore.

New York on EarthMC

Expand your towny empire

Create a town, form a nation and conquer earth. Using towny, you are able to invite residents to your town and manage their permissions. Sell plots and get in to the real estate market. You can create a nation and invite other towns to it once you have enough gold ingots. This is a picture of New York, can you spot the twin towers?

EarthMC shop madagascar

Engage in economy and trade

The economy is run by the players. You are able to sell and buy goods across over 500 player-made shops. The server’s currency is gold ingots. There are many ways to get gold: taxes, mining and trading to name a few. EarthMC also has a system in place for safe player to player item trades.

How to join EarthMC

  1. Start Minecraft Java edition. Any game version will work.
  2. Click Multiplayer.
  3. Enter ip address and click join.
  4. Visit the discord server at

Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I do after joining?

Most people recommend finding a good place to build a base. Open the map for navigation, Once you have 64 gold ingots you can create a town with /t new townnamehere. The town needs residents, invite your friends!

How do I join a town?

Ask a mayor in chat to invite you, new residents are always wanted! Once invited, run command /accept.

How do I claim land?

Ask for permission to do so by your mayor. Make sure the town has enough gold in its bank, deposit with command /t deposit. Stand in the chunk you want to claim and run command /t claim. Claim has to be adjacent to another claim. 1 claim costs 16 golds. To see chunks in game press F3+G.

How to get gold?

There are several ways to get gold. You can mine it out of the ground. You can vote twice per day with the command /vote. Voting will give you a random reward of gold, up to 128. The fastest way to make gold is to create a shop and start selling items players want to buy.

Can I join EarthMC with Minecraft PE or Bedrock?

Sorry, EarthMC does only support Minecraft Java edition.

What is the EarthMC IP address?

The EarthMC IP address is

Can I teleport on EarthMC?

Join a town in a nation. You will be then be able to teleport to your own town, nation and other allied nation capitals. Use commands /t spawn townname or /n spawn nationname. You are not able to teleport directly to a player.

What is the server version?

The native server version is 1.16 but both newer and older Minecraft clients can join.

What is the EarthMC discord link?

Click here to the discord server:

What is EarthMC Classic?

EarthMC Classic is the old server no longer in use.

Is there an EarthMC map download?

Sorry, the map is not available for download.

How do I leave a town?

Run command /t leave.

Can I play the server with a "cracked" account?

No, you can only play EarthMC with a genuine Minecraft account.

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