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The currency on EarthMC is based on gold ingots. 1 gold ingot is 1 unit of currency. The EarthMC economy is inflation resistant with efficient gold sinks. Gold is always in high demand which in turn creates a great gameplay experience and market environment. The large majority of items and services sold are provided by the players.

Store your gold

The safest place for gold is in an ender chest. Gold can also be deposited in to the virtual town/nation bank. This will allow residents with appropriate permissions to withdraw gold and use it for town/nation expenses such as claiming. To deposit, run /t deposit or /n deposit. With withdraw, run /t withdraw or /n withdraw.

How to get gold


The beauty of an item based currency is that players can dig it up straight from the ground. Most players prefer to mine around y level 22. Although gold is evenly spread out around the map, some areas are more dug out than others. Avoid Europe and North America if you are a new player starting out. Don't forget to bring your silk touch pick down the mine to double the reward.


All town protections are removed when a town falls. Find abandoned towns and loot the riches. Stealing is allowed on EarthMC.


Run the command /vote and click the provided links. You will receive a gold crate with a random award up to 64 gold ingots after successfully voting for the server. Keep in mind that you are able to vote without being online, your award will be given to you next time you sign in. The most likely award is 4 gold per vote link. It's also possible to win tridents from voting but they are very rare.


Open a shop and sell items to other players. The only thing you need is stock, competitive pricing and a good location. Hit a chest with the item you want to sell and follow the instructions. It's a straight forward process and should only take a few seconds to set up. The most successful shops are built in capitals. Capitals have the benefit of attracting a lot of customers through /n spawn. The shopping districts of capitals are usually one of the main sources of income for nations and players alike.

Collecting taxes

Mayors can collect taxes from residents with /t set tax and nation kings can collect taxes from towns /n set tax. Taxes are collected once every 24 real life hours. A message is chat is sent when taxes are collected. Tax is a great tool to expand an empire and fund public infrastructure. One thing to look out for is to not set taxes too high, if a resident or town can't pay they will be kicked from the town/nation. Taxes are not commonly used for this reason.

Stock exchanges

While stock exchanges are not officially supported, players have been able to replicate real life exchanges and make gold from them. Limited pieces of signed paper represent the stocks and can be traded and bought. Not recommended for newcomers.