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How to join EarthMC


The IP address to join EarthMC is

Detailed join instructions

  1. Start Minecraft Java Edition.
  2. Click "Multiplayer".
  3. Click "Add server".
  4. Change "Server Name" to EarthMC.
  5. Enter in the "Server Address" field.
  6. EarthMC is now added to your server list. Click it to join.

You're in! Good luck with your adventure!


You will be placed in a queue if the server is full. You can check your position with /queue. You will be moved to the main world once you have passed the queue.


If you have trouble joining the server, please make sure that:

  • You join using Minecraft Java Edition. Bedrock Edition is not supported.
  • You have a real Minecraft account purchased from
  • You have a stable network connection.
  • Mojang authentication services are available.

Still can't join? Try to change DNS servers to (Cloudflare) or (Google). We have noticed that some players using DNS servers provided by their ISP sometimes have difficulties joining the server.