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EarthMC Documentation

3d map

Welcome to EarthMC, a geopolitical sandbox server for Minecraft Java Edition. Create a town, join a nation and explore the custom earth map with your friends.

Unique playersOver 1.3 million
Online since2016, 7 years
Server version1.19.4
Wiki articlesOver 2500
Map scale1:500
Total playtime~ 590 years

Why you might like it here

  • The community - Community is ranked as the most liked aspect of EarthMC according to player surveys.
  • The original - EarthMC is the first and largest Minecraft earth server.
  • The map - Highly detailed and custom made earth map.
  • Longlivity - EarthMC has been around since 2016. We're in it for the long run. We run the same map for years. There has been a total of two map resets, one in 2018 and the last one in 2022. The oldest map ("Classic") is still online for players to explore in spectator mode. The "Terra Nova" release is playable, but not featured.
  • Server economy - Minecraft gold ingots are used as currency. The economy is inflation resistant with gold taken out of the economy at a similar rate of gold enetering the economy. The economy is run by players, there are no admin shops.
  • Expensive history - The rich history of the server is being constantly recorded on the wiki.
  • Fair monetization - EarthMC is funded through Premium, a rank that gives players convenient features and cosmetics. It is however not possible to buy progress.
  • Easy to get started, difficult to master.

Honest list of drawbacks

  • The server is hosted in Europe. Players on other continents will experience high latency.
  • The map can become static in popular areas of the map. It will be difficult to claim land at these locations.
  • There are no "traditional" wars. It's unsustainable tying gameplay progress to PVP, as it's easy to gain unfair pvp leverage through cheat clients. This is why there isn't a war feature already. Conflicts are usually settled through deplomacy. A war system might be introduced in the future.
  • Server TPS might be under desired value (20) for extended periods of time. About 200 players are spread out on a huge area on one server instance resulting in degraded performance. We have introduced several custom server-made patches to accomodate for this, but sometimes it's not enough. We are actively working towards introducing Folia support which will improve performance in the future.