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Frequently asked questions

Will you transfer data from an account to another account of mine?

No, sorry. We never transfer data or ranks between player accounts. This is mainly a question of security. The only way we can verify your identity is through your Minecraft account. Contact Mojang support if you have lost access to your account.

How do I apply for helper?

Apply by clicking here. Good luck!

Can I join EarthMC on Bedrock Edition?

This server only supports Minecraft Java Edition.

Can I download the EarthMC map?

No, the map is not downloadable by players.

I entered the wrong username/email on store checkout. What do I do?

Thanks for the purchase! We can fix that easily if you email [email protected] with your Minecraft username.

What is EarthMC Classic?

EarthMC Classic is the first release of EarthMC. It has been officially closed in 2018 and now is in view-only mode.

What is EarthMC Terra Nova?

Terra Nova is the second release of EarthMC. It is still possible to access the map and play using /joinqueue nova in the hub, however it no longer receives updates.