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How to claim land


Land is divided into claims. One claim is exactly 16x16 blocks and perfectly lines up with Minecraft chunks.

Claiming a chunk costs 16 gold. To claim a chunk:

  1. Join or create a town.
  2. Have a town rank which is able to claim land, such as mayor (default rank for town founder). More on town ranks here.
  3. Deposit 16 or more gold via /t deposit <amount> to your town bank. All town expenses are paid through the town bank.
  4. Stand in a chunk you want to claim adjacent to a chunk the town already owns.
  5. Run command /t claim.

You successfully claim the chunk!


Press F3+G keys to view chunk borders in-game.

Claim limits

Your town can at first only claim 8 chunks. You can increase this number by 8 for every resident who joins. Your maximum amount of chunks can also increase through a nation bonus. This is an amount of max claimable chunks added to every town in a nation. It ranges from 10 extra chunks all the way to 140. It scales based on total residents in a nation. 10 chunks are from simply being in a nation. 140 is from having 50 residents in your whole nation.

You can see how many chunks a town can claim by running /t <name>. This command will show general town information. Look for "Town Size", this shows a ratio between chunks a town already has claimed and the max amount of claims the town can claim to. For example, "Town size: 90/152" means that the given town has claimed 90 out of 152 chunks.

Sometimes you will notice that a town has more chunks claimed than it's able to claim, for example "Town size: 90/60". This can happen if residents leave after the town has claimed certain amount of land. Towns do no lose their claims even if they no longer have enough residents.