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Map documentation

The first thing you need to do after joining the server is to find out where you spawned. Visit the live map at Scroll to zoom in.

The map is regularly updated to reflect changes made inside the game. The map shows:

  • All visible online players.
  • Changes made to the terrain.
  • Claimed land belonging to nations and towns.
  • Nation capitals represented by a star symbol.

Players underground, sneaking or using invisibility potions are hidden from the map.

The colorful squares represent claimed land belonging to a town or nation. Click a claim of your choice to get more information about which town/nation it belongs to. Players with premium can change their nation claim color with /emcmap nationcolorÔöénationoutline. Blue is the default claim color.


Location coordinates displayed in the map's top left corner correspond with in-game coordinates displayed by pressing the F3 key. This information can be used to navigate in-game.