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mcMMO allows players to level up skills such as mining, woodcutting, and fishing to get special abilities that help to make these tasks easier. The system is very similar to leveling in the game RuneScape.

McMMO features a global leaderboard wherein all players’ levels can be compared. This can be viewed with /mctop. To see a specific skill’s top players type /mctop skillname. /mcrank is used to see your ranking in each skill. You can type /skillname i.e. /mining, /woodcutting, etc., to see your level and unlocked abilities in a particular skill. You can view another player’s mcMMO levels with /mcmmo:inspect username.

To use a skill’s special ability, you must first unlock it by leveling up the skill and then right-click with the tool used for said skill to ready it, hit the block the tool is meant to break to activate it. An example of this is pressing right-click with a pickaxe and then breaking stone to activate your super breaker ability. Keep in mind that if you have an item in your offhand, you must crouch and right-click to ready your tool.

Some skills only have passive abilities. For example, leveling fishing reduces your time spent waiting for a catch, increases the rarity of items caught, and makes eating fish more effective. Leveling your alchemy skill will allow you to create more types of potions such as haste, absorption, and decay and will decrease the time it takes for you to make potions.

McMMO also allows players with premium to create parties. These parties turn off the friendly fire for those in the same party, create a private chat accessible with /pc and allow the sharing of mcMMO XP. To create a party type /party create name, to invite players to your party type /party invite username. All players, regardless of rank, can join parties.


Some mcMMO abilities and skills are disabled to maintain game balance.

Disabled skills are:

  • Unarmed (PVP)
  • Axes (PVP)
  • Swords (PVP)
  • Salvage (Gold)

Disabled abilities are:

  • Second Smelt (gold Ore)
  • Blast Mining
  • Double Drops (gold & diamond Ore)