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Nation guide


Create a nation

Creating a new nation costs 1024 on Terra Nova and 2048 gold on Terra Aurora, deposit at least 1024/2048 gold /t deposit 1024/2048. Only a mayor of a town can create a nation. The mayor's town will become the nation capital. Create the nation with /n new. After creation, the mayor will become king.


Make sure your nation's name complies with the nation naming rules. It has to have the same name as a real current or past nation. Read the rules page for more information.

Nation basics

As king of your nation, you can add allies with /n ally add and invite towns to your nation with /n add. Towns added must be in proximity of 3000 blocks from the capital to be added.

Give and remove ranks from citizens of your nation with /n rank add username rank or /n rank remove username rank. You can also kick towns from the nation with /n kick, delete the nation with /n delete, toggle public joining to your nation with /n toggle open, and set the nation’s spawn location anywhere within your capital with /n set spawn.

Due to nations starting with no allies, you will likely want to get a lot as quickly as you can as you require them to travel anywhere with the /n spawn command. An efficient way to do so is by regularly checking /res list, and running the /res command on all nation kings as marked by a yellow name, then do /t town_name for the town listed in their /res and send an ally request to them.

As your nation gains more citizens, your ranking on /n list will increase. Nations fight each other to be on the top of this list as it shows who has put the most time into recruiting towns and players, which is a good indicator of activity. Nations also compete to have the most townblocks in their nation. This can be seen on /n list by townblocks.

Nation ranks

Nation kings can give nation residents ranks with /n rank add {username} {rank}.

Chancellor allows the player to do everything a king can do except delete the nation, set the capital, and set the king. This is a dangerous rank to give as a player with it could remove every ally, making it impossible for you to travel or kick every town from your nation.

Colonist allows the player to invite towns to the nation.

Royal-treasurer allows the player to deposit and withdraw gold to and from the nation bank.

Diplomat allows the player to send, accept, and deny nation ally requests.

Nation commands


Only king and nation residents with appropriate ranks can run nation commands.

/n {nation name}Get information of specified nation
/n newCreate a new nation
/n leaveMakes current town leave nation
/n withdrawWithdraw gold from nation bank
/n depositDeposit gold from nation bank
/n addInvite town to nation
/n kickkick town from nation
/n ally add/removeAdd/remove nation ally
/n rank add/remove {playername} {rankname}Give/remove rank from nation resident
/n set kingKing command to change the king of the nation.
/n set capitalSet nation capital