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Premium is a paid rank that helps fund the server and its development. It works like patreon if you're familiar with that. Subscribers pay $7.99 per month and get awesome perks as thanks for helping the server out.

One of the many great benefits with premium is queue priority which lets subscribers save time by moving past everyone without premium in queue. Premium also gives subscribers a gold name in chat, ability to change map claim color and exclusive access to beta servers. Mystery crates and exclusive collectibles are other perks obtained with premium.

Here is the store page if you are interested in subscribing. Supported payment methods are PayPal, Stripe and Trustly.

Premium commands

/hatUse any item as a hat
/flyFly in hub
/nickChange name in chat
/partyPrivate party, share mcMMO XP with your friends
/seenSee when someone was last online
/qs staffHire staff for your shop
/discord linkPink username on emc discord
/ch j premiumJoin a private premium-only chat
/emcmap nationcolorChange dynmap territory fill color
/emcmap nationoutlineChange dynmap territory border color


You can easily cancel your subscription on your PayPal account dashboard or by clicking a link in your purchase confirmation email. There are no cancellation fees. Start or stop your subscription access at any time. If you need help to manually cancel the subscription, reach out to [email protected].