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How to make a shop



Creating a shop is a great way to earn gold and plays a central role in the server's economy. Players run the markets, there are no "admin shops".

Shop plot

Shops can only be made in shop plots. Buy a plot in a town with command /plot claim. Mayors do not need to buy plots, they have access to all plots by default. Change plot type from default to shop with /plot set shop. Read more about plots here.

Create the shop

Once that's over with you can start creating the shop.

  1. Place a chest inside the shop plot.
  2. Hold the item you wish to sell.
  3. Left click the chest while holding the item.
  4. Enter in chat how much gold you want to sell the item for.
  5. Place stock in chest.

You have now successfully created a shop!

Good to know

Remember to fill the chest with items to sell. Red sign text indicates that stock has run out. Consider creating a double chest shop for larger stock storage.

Clicking a shop with higher item quanity will sell that quantity for the specififed amount of gold. For example, you will sell a bulk of 64 planks if you click a shop holding 64 planks.

One gold ingot for 64 items is the lowest possible price.

Shop commands

Look at shop you want to manage with below commands.

/qs buyChanges shop to buy mode
/qs sellChanges shop to sell mode
/qs price [price]Changes shop price
/qs sizeChanges bulk amount
/qs staff add [player]Hire staff for your shop's management
/qs staff remove [player]Remove player from your shop
/qs staff clearPurge all the staff players