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How to create and manage a town


Create a town

Creating a town costs 64 gold.

Stand in the location where you want the town to be. Run command /t new, this will spend those gold ingots and create a single chunk owned by you. You now have a town with the size of 1 chunk.


There is a lot to learn about towns and it could feel overwhelming at first. Don't worry, learn as you go. Once you have a town you can relax and focus on building and gathering resources, things you already know from vanilla Minecraft. Read on when you feel ready to learn more.

Town basics

You can spawn directly to your town with /t spawn.

Invite residents with /t invite.

Mayors can join add their town to a nation by using the command /n join. You can only join nations whose capital’s homeblock is within 3000 blocks of your town’s homeblock. The nation must either be open as seen on /n nation_name or your town has to be invited. Accept the invite using /t invite accept nation_name.


Avoid giving your residents a pre-made house and too much free gear. Let your residents grow and develop with your town. This improves resident retention.

Town permissions

To protect your town against rogue residents, you may run /t set perm off to ensure that your town’s default permissions are set so that no residents can interact with anything. Not doing this may cause your town to be griefed or have its items stolen by residents.

Town permissions manage what residents has access to interact with inside a town. There are 4 permission types:

  • Build - Allow residents to place blocks inside the town.
  • Destory - Allow residents to destory blocks inside the town.
  • Switch - Manages permission to interact with chests,furnaces, levers, hoppers, droppers and blocks with similar nature.
  • Itemuser - Manages permission to interact with water, lava, buckets, lighters, bonemeal, enderpearls, bottles and items with similar nature.

A safe default for new mayors is to disable all above permissions with /t set perm off. It's also possible to change permissions specifically for allies and outsiders. For example, /t set perm ally build on would allow residents of allied nations to build inside the town. It's also possible to edit permissions for individual claims, plots. More on that later.

Town ranks

Mayors can give ranks to residents with /t rank add {username} {rank}.

Councillor gives the player full access to town plots regardless of ownership, access to most town commands excluding /t unclaim, /t set mayor, /t delete etc. This rank should only be given to the most trusted citizens as it could be detrimental to your town. They can kick everyone except the mayor and other councillors. They can also break everything, steal everything, withdraw all your town gold and toggle all perms on for every other player.

Trusted is very similar to the Councillor rank in that they can access any plot regardless of ownership but they cannot use most advanced commands like a councillor could.

Builder allows the player to access every plot not owned by a player. They can build, open chests, use items and break blocks anywhere in the town as long as the plot is not owned by a player.

Settler allows the player to claim chunks for the town with /t claim.

Recruiter allows the player to invite other players with /t add username.

Police allows the player to add users to the town outlaw list with /t outlaw add username. This rank is mostly useless as outlawing does nothing currently.

Tax-exempt allows the player to not be taxed by the town if taxes are enabled.

Treasurer allows the player to use /t withdraw to remove gold from the town bank.

Town commands

/t {town}View information on specific town.
/t hereShows information on town at current location
/t listList of all towns
/t leaveLeave town
/t newCreate a new town
/t add {resident}Add resident to town
/t kickKick resident from town
/t spawnTeleport to town spawn
/t claimClaim chunk
/t withdrawWithdraw gold from town bank
/t depositDeposit gold to town bank
/t rank {addremove} {playername} {rankname}
/t setSet board/mayor/homeblock (aka spawn)/perm for town
/t toggleToggle explosion/fire/mobs/pvp for town

Towns automatically get deleted after 42 days of inactivity if no single resident has joined the server in that period of time.